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Our Values

Needs understanding

A business can survive only with continuous efforts to better understand customer needs. Our customers’ loyalty is the proof of this achievement.

Customer support

The essence of a business is all about customers. We strive for keeping always our promises to the customers. The more we know about our customers, the more we are likely to understand their real needs and to meet their expectations, finding the right ways to exceed them and achieve an outstanding customer service.

Our people

People at CVB are constantly guided by passion and accountability; they are aligned with the mission, vision and values of the organization, responding with high levels of engagement and commitment. They have the experience and right attitude to meet customers’ expectations.

Unbiased service

To meet and possibly exceed the expectations of a customer is the true meaning of CVB unbiased customer service. At CVB the performances to the highest standards with total quality as objective is our key for setting businesses apart in a competitive industry and for its long-term standing.

Safety first

Safety is a core value and an essential part of CVB culture. We at CVB are fully committed to the highest standards of safety performance possible. We develop an organized and effective safety program for every phase of every activity and project. We evaluate and re-evaluate any risks inherent in every activity performed every day. Providing a safe work environment is every employee’s responsibility, every subcontractor’s responsibility and CVB’s first priority. Adherence to safety policies such as UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 is a condition of any cooperation. This is a strategic choice for increasing effectiveness and efficiency the Integrated Management System - Environment and Safety

Single source supplier

CVB can provide a comprehensive range of products to suit Oil&Gas, Energy, Water, Naval market needs and expectations. Thanks to our deep understanding of the market, long proven experience and expertise, our technologies and our products, combined with our services, give the and flexibility to design and implement customized solutions that help our clients’ plant performance and efficiency, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Customized design

With 40 years of field experience our well proven design can meet the challenges of nowadays’ industry. Combined with the quality of our materials CVB tailored fit for purpose solutions meet every demanding applications’ challenge, increasing plant performances and reducing life-cycle costs, hazardous and increasing safety.

High Quality Products

Our Customers recognize that quality is a fundamental attribute in CVB products and services. Quality is our attitude, not our objective and we strive to keep our highest standards with no short cut or compromises.

100% made in Italy

The 100% Made in Italy Certification provides our customers with the guarantee on the Italian origin and the quality of purchased products and services. We at HP can guarantee the value of the products which have entirely been manufactured in Italy with high class materials and meeting the most stringent regulations