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40 years of Valves experience,
40 years of customized solutions.

CVB Valves designs and manufactures
engineered and tailor-made valves
and equipment

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CVB Valves is at your disposal to find the best solution for your every need.

Who we are

CVB, with more than 40 years of experience, is a preeminent manufacturer of engineered and tailor-made valves and equipment. The company is proud to be recognized for its history of technological innovation and its reputation for custom-engineered solutions for any Customers’ challenges, combining reliability, efficiency, to deliver dedicated equipment to exceed the highest safety standards for the most extreme operating environmental applications.
Although CVB seems to be a young company, it was born from a family company, from 2014 CVB has been taken over by PARCOL SPA Group, while in 2019 has joined an ITALIAN FINANCIAL COMPANY named ZELZAR HOLDING with participations in many different engineering and manufacturing companies with laboratories dedicated to water district, ambient and petrochemical analysis.

Our Products

CVB is a premier supplier of Butterfly, Turbine bypass, Choke, Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, and Axial valves.
Our range of valves include usage of special materials and designs which are required to meet and surpass the needs demanded by the Oil&Gas, Energy, Water, and Naval industries.
All our valves are manufactured to meet our customers’ technical, operational and safety requirements and are designed in compliance with the most recognized of International Codes and Standards such as API, ATEX, PED, CE, ASME, AWWA as applicable and/or required.


With several years of experience and a wide installed base, CVB offers butterfly valves for on-off and control service in a vast variety of materials and distinct designs, including triple (TOV) and double (DOV) offset, to dumper and concentric rubber lined.


Thanks to our experience with high pressure and deep application knowledge, CVB can design dedicated solutions in many different materials that result in low-noise-trims meeting and exceeding our customers’ most demanding requirements.


With several supplies and a vast installed base, CVB can complete its valve offer with Ball, Gate, Globe, Check valves to be able to be the sole partner for many projects, also with special applications, materials and design.


With several supplies, vast installed base and huge experience, CVB can offer special valve designed for special applications, high performances, with customized materials to meet project specifications.

4 steps to Customers Satisfaction

In CVB Valves, we do believe in 4 simply steps to reach out final target:
the Customers' Satisfaction
Design, Manufacture, Service and Class-leading
Discover our products

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CVB Valves is at your disposal to find the best solution for your every need. Fast, efficient and economical CVB Valves is your solution.